Working Musician


WORKING MUSICIAN is a 7-episode web series that shows the artistic highs and frustrating lows of a group of young jazz musicians in NYC. Loaded with live performances, it is also a showcase for their phenomenal talent. The primary subject is Alex LoRe, a 26-year old saxophonist/composer living in Harlem. His day jobs (real estate agent and teacher) plus the daily tasks of practicing, composing, arranging, rehearsing and performing in four bands - for very little money - stretch his energy and spirit to the breaking point. Not helping matters is the fact that his father strongly disapproves of his career choice. WORKING MUSICIAN follows Alex for four months as he prepares for his first CD release. Live performances filmed at Shapeshifter Lab, Cornelia Street Café, Smalls Jazz Club, The Bar Next Door and The Bunker Studio. Episodes will be released every Thursday (Thanksgiving excepted) starting 10/20/16 and ending 12/8/16. 30 music teasers and 3 minisodes will also be released.


Joe Rubenstein, filmmaker, musician, and founder of Gotham Creative Group, studied at Yale and works in New York City. He created “Working Musician,” a 7-episode web series about struggling young jazz musicians trying to make it in NYC. His short documentary “The Gender Line,” on Brooklyn painter Virginia Wagner’s pan-gender portrait series, will be released in 2017. His film "Russian Blue" was an official selection of The Seattle True Independent Festival, The Big Apple Film Festival, New Filmmakers New York series, Sunset Film Festival, and the Int'l Film Festival of Cinematic Arts. Joe composed music for the acclaimed TLC documentary “Ruby Ridge: Anatomy of a Tragedy” and his music has been used in (Discovery) “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” “Man-Woman-Wild,”; (TLC) "My Strange Addiction,” "All-American Muslim"; (Animal Planet) "It’s Me Or The Dog,” "Wild Russia,” and other shows.